Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Behind The Lens.

Madame Hussy only works with the best.
And by best she means talented AND cool.
Hard combination these days but we know where to look.

Our photography genius goes by the name Eugene Uhad. 3TEN Photography. Get it.
This man captured over 1,000 images over a period of 5 hours. He works like a sneaky spy capturing the moments right before people 'pose', solidifying the real emotion in the eyes. This isn't easy, and he performs as graceful as a prima ballerina. Book him or your crazy.

Our make up artists (besides being sexy as hell) worked their magic to transform us into amplified versions of ourselves. Pretty much 100% creative control, our team worked hard and fast to make all of us (even more) thin- and gorgeous.

Carole Lagimodiere
Vanessa Roberts
Ashlee Luk
Kim Desautels

Want your face done right? Get these women.
Booking inquiries? Email Madame Hussy at She will hook you up.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Welcome Children

May we introduce ourselves.
We are Madame Hussy's house.
And we would like to invite you over to play.

Our house warming party will commence on August 6th.
Here we will be showing our full family album. This will be your one and only chance to view all the photos.

DJ DeLux and DJ Riot will be your saviors for the event.

Keep returning to our site for event up-dates, photo galleries, up-coming projects and of course our regular Hussy Adventures.

Dance, play and live free.